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The Center for Cancer Training
9609 Medical Center Dr.
2W118 MSC9707
Bethesda, MD 20892-9707

Phone: 240-276-5630  
Fax: 240-276-5659


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Office of the Director
Name Email Title
Jonathan Wiest, Ph.D. Director
Ming Lei, Ph.D. Deputy Director
Julie Mason, Ph.D. Associate Director
Erika Ginsburg, M.A. Program Analyst
Angela Jones Program Coordinator
Cancer Training Branch (CTB)
Name Email Title
Ming Lei, Ph.D. Chief
Susan N. Perkins, Ph.D. Deputy Branch Chief
Maria Moten (C) Administrative Assistant
Program Directors
Name Email Associated Programs
Mark Damico, Ph.D. F30K12T32, LRP
Sonia Jakowlew, Ph.D. F32F33K22K25
Jeannette Korczak, Ph.D. F31, R25E
Susan Lim, Ph.D. K08K23K24T32
Michele McGuirl, Ph.D. F31, F32
Susan N. Perkins, Ph.D. K05K07R25TT32
Michael Schmidt, Ph.D. F31K99
Program Specialists (Trainee Appointments, Terminations, and Related Inquiries)
Name Email Associated Programs
Teresa Quinones-Saadipour Fs, K12, R25T
Karen Tolson T32
  • Updated: July 16, 2015