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January 8, 2013 • Volume 10 / Number 1


NCI Cancer Bulletin Suspends Publication

As of January 8, 2013, the NCI Cancer Bulletin has suspended publication. A searchable archive of more than 5,000 news and feature stories published since 2004 will remain on NCI’s website.

Featured clinical trials and summaries highlighting recent results from cancer clinical trials will continue to be published on Cancer research news and information are also available through NCI’s social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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Newly Discovered Gene Linked to Hepatitis C Virus Clearance, Treatment Response

Human liver cells treated to mimic infection with hepatitis C, showing the cell cytoplasm (green), nucleus (blue), and IFNL4 protein (red). Researchers have identified a genetic variant that is strongly associated with the ability to spontaneously clear infection with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) and with the response to treatment for chronic HCV infection, the leading cause of liver cancer in the United States.

And, in a surprising finding, the discovery of the variant led to the first identification of a previously unknown gene, IFNL4. The variant in this gene is directly responsible for the creation of a newly identified protein, called  Interferon Lambda 4 (IFNL4), from the interferon lambda family of proteins. Read more > >



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    • New Videos from NCI: "Understanding Your Cancer Prognosis"
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    • In Memoriam: Dr. Elwood V. Jensen
    • NCI Central Institutional Review Board Receives Accreditation
    • Cyber-Seminar: Using State Cancer Profiles for Cancer Control
    • Summary of NCI Funding Patterns for FY2012 Available


    Dr. Barry Kramer

    NIH Research Radio: Dr. Barry Kramer on Cancer Screening

    The director of NCI's Division of Cancer Prevention and editor-in-chief of NCI's Physician Data Query Screening and Prevention Editorial Board talks with NIH Research Radio about cancer screening and the risks that are sometimes associated with it.

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