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March 9, 2010 • Volume 7 / Number 5


Miscellaneous chemotherapy bottlesExperimental Drug Benefits Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer

The experimental drug cabazitaxel has improved the survival of some patients with advanced prostate cancer compared with those who received standard chemotherapy, according to results from a randomized phase III clinical trial presented last week at the Genitourinary Cancers Symposium in San Francisco. Although the benefit was modest (several months), there currently are no effective treatments for patients with this form of the disease, called metastatic castration-resistant, or hormone-refractory, prostate cancer. Read more > >


Director's Update: Mapping a Strategic Scientific Vision for the National Cancer Program

When we at NCI cite the National Cancer Act of 1971, it is not simply as a recitation of history, but rather a recognition of the tremendous responsibility assigned to the Institute. That legislation, which launched what is often referred to as the “War on Cancer,” imparted a series of distinctions and special authorities to NCI as the leader of the National Cancer Program. Because of the 1971 law, the position of NCI director became a presidential appointment; the outstanding and much envied NCI-designated Cancer Centers Program came into existence; and the Institute gained the authority to prepare and submit directly to the President an annual budget for review and transmittal to Congress.

The act also established a new, powerful advisory board to both the President and the NCI director: the National Cancer Advisory Board. The NCAB, the act stated, would be a presidentially appointed panel of “leading scientific or medical authorities outstanding in the study, diagnosis, or treatment of cancer or in fields related thereto.” Read more > >




  • Legislative Update

    • Congressional Hearing Focuses on the Prevention of Medical Radiation Overdoses
    • House Committee Convenes Hearing on Prostate Cancer
  • FDA Update

    • NIH-FDA Initiative Aims to Speed Development of New Medicines
    • First Meeting of FDA Tobacco Products Advisory Committee Announced
  • Update

    • NCI Recovery Act Web Site Features Comparative Effectiveness Research and ACTNOW Trial Details
    • Interactive Translational Cancer Research Web Site Launched


    • BSA Meeting Held
    • 2010 Survivorship Research Conference Accepting Applications
    • NCI and German Cancer Research Center Launch Exchange Program
    • NIH Offers New Online Health Resource for Seniors: Life after Cancer
    • NHGRI Launches Online Tool for Educators on Genetics and Genomics

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