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March 9, 2010 • Volume 7 / Number 5

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NCI Recovery Act Web Site Features Comparative Effectiveness Research and ACTNOW Trial Details

NCI has added to its Recovery Act Web site a new article that explores comparative effectiveness research (CER), including patient-centered outcomes research. The article describes how NCI-funded initiatives help make cancer care more personalized, efficient, cost-effective, and improve patient outcomes. To date, the Recovery Act has enabled NCI to support approximately $70 million in CER, including $50 million in “Grand Opportunities” and $13 million in Challenge Grants, which study the impact of different diagnostic and treatment options in real-world settings among diverse patients.

The article showcases several ARRA-funded studies currently under way at the University of Virginia (UVA) and the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle. A Grand Opportunity study at UVA is helping to develop a genome-enabled electronic medical record, examining the use of patients’ genomic information in cancer diagnostics and personalized care. The infrastructure developed will serve as the basis for future CER projects exploring the impact of genomic information on patient outcomes. The article details multiple initiatives at Group Health looking to improve cancer screening in the community care setting.

NCI’s Recovery Act Web site also features a list of the clinical trials supported by NCI’s Accelerating Clinical Trials of Novel Oncologic PathWays (ACTNOW) initiative. The ACTNOW trials are high-priority, early-phase clinical trials of new cancer treatments being studied on an accelerated timeline in a variety of cancer types. The accelerated timeline is intended to shorten the time between drug discovery and approval and safe use of these treatments by cancer patients. The trials include a significant number of correlative studies, including studies of biologic and imaging tests.

The Web page lists the ACTNOW trials by cancer type and contains links to descriptions of the trials, including the objectives, patient enrollment criteria, and current trial locations.


Interactive Translational Cancer Research Web Site Launched

NCI has launched an interactive Web site that provides a single access point to many of the Institute’s translational research resources and initiatives. NCI has a number of initiatives that help to speed the development of new diagnostic tests, cancer treatments, and other interventions that Screenshot of NCI’s Translational Cancer Research Continuum Web site benefit people with cancer and those who are at risk. Users of the Translational Cancer Research Continuum Web site will find resources for the full spectrum of treatment discovery and learn how NCI’s programs and initiatives are expediting translational cancer research through:

  • advanced technologies
  • drug development
  • clinical trials
  • public/private partnerships
  • bioinformatics
  • the study of causes, prevention, and control

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