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April 19, 2011 • Volume 8 / Number 8


Active Surveillance May Be Preferred Option in Some Men with Prostate Cancer

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Findings of a recent study, the largest and longest of its kind, provide strong evidence supporting a conservative approach to managing prostate cancer in some men. The study was not a randomized clinical trial; rather, it was a long-term analysis of a cohort of men diagnosed with what is called very-low-risk prostate cancer. Instead of immediately undergoing surgery or radiation therapy, the men had opted to undergo a process known as active surveillance at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

A diagnosis of very-low-risk prostate cancer means that the disease is highly unlikely to become a clinically significant, life-threatening cancer. These men could be safely monitored by active surveillance, the study found, with only a modest percentage eventually requiring some form of treatment and none dying from prostate cancer. Read more > >


Inside NCI: A Conversation with Dr. Lauren Wood about Cancer Vaccines and Health Disparities Article contains video

A senior clinical investigator in NCI’s Vaccine Branch discusses the most recent advances in immune-based therapies and how clinical trials are important to the work she does. She also highlights why Minority Cancer Awareness Week is important and why barriers to clinical trials participation among minority populations still exist.  Read more > >



  • FDA Updates

    • FDA Approves New Treatment for Medullary Thyroid Cancer
    • Advisory Panel Recommends Targeted Therapies for Treating Rare Pancreatic Tumors
    • FDA Initiates Safety Review of Myeloma Drug for Possible Cancer Risk
  • Update

    • NCI Recovery Act Web Site Highlights Small Businesses Driving Innovation in Cancer Care
  • Notes

    • NCI Cancer Classroom Webinar Series Kicks Off April 26
    • Breast Cancer Guidelines Proposed for Low- and Middle-Income Countries
    • Two-Year Project Launched to Standardize Cytogenetic Testing in Mexico
    • “Stupid Cancer Show” to Host Program on Clinical Trials Myths

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