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May 4, 2010 • Volume 7 / Number 9 Update

Online Tool Provides NCI Funding Trends

Screenshot of Interactive Budget Analysis Tool web page

NCI recently released a new Interactive Budget Analysis Tool based on NCI Annual Fact Book data. The online tool presents Fact Book information and statistics graphically and allows users to tailor the results to their interests. Users can explore the NCI budget using the following four funding categories:

  • Funding by mechanism provides NCI budget information broken down by the types of grants, contracts, or programs funded.
  • Funding by state provides information on the amount of NCI funding received by institutions and organizations within individual states and territories.
  • Funding by cancer type provides estimated funding levels for frequently requested areas of cancer research.
  • Funding by institution provides a list of institutions and organizations, within individual states, that received more than $15 million of grants and/or contract support from NCI in a given fiscal year.

The Interactive Budget Analysis Tool currently covers fiscal years 1999 through 2008. The tool will be updated to include 2009 data in the coming weeks.