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June 12, 2012 • Volume 9 / Number 12


Study Finds Small Increase in Cancer Risk after Childhood CT Scans

Young patient having a CT scan. A new study shows that radiation exposure from computed tomography (CT) scans in childhood results in very small but increased risks of leukemia and brain tumors in the first decade after exposure. The study, led by researchers from NCI and Newcastle University, is the first analysis of CT scans that looked at exposed patients directly instead of using models based on atomic bomb survivors or other populations accidentally exposed to large doses of radiation. Read more > >


Dr. Patricia Steeg A Conversation with Dr. Patricia Steeg on Redesigning Clinical Trials to Test Therapies that Could Prevent Cancer Metastasis

The head of the Women's Cancers Section in NCI's Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology argues that the current system for clinical trials must be redesigned if there is to be a decline in breast cancer metastasis.



  • FDA Update

    • Pertuzumab Approved to Treat Some Metastatic Breast Cancers
  • Update

    • Cancer Control P.L.A.N.E.T. Portal Gets New Look
  • Notes

    • NCI's Barnett Kramer Named ASCO Fellow
    • NCI Advisory Boards, Director's Consumer Liaison Group to Meet End of June
    • Free Workshop for Cancer Survivors: Changing Roles and Responsibilities of Caregivers
    • Workshop to Focus on Integrating the "Omics" into Biology, Clinical Care
    • NCI's Tom Misteli Wins Flemming Award

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