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June 12, 2012 • Volume 9 / Number 12


NCI's Barnett Kramer Named ASCO Fellow

Dr. Barnett Kramer Dr. Barnett Kramer

Dr. Barnett Kramer, director of NCI's Division of Cancer Prevention, was made a Fellow of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) at the group's annual meeting earlier this month. The award is given each year to honor ASCO's most active volunteers and to encourage others to volunteer. The award was previously called the ASCO Statesman Award.

Dr. Kramer chaired ASCO's Cancer Prevention Committee from 2006 to 2007 and served on ASCO's Health Services Committee. He has extensive experience in cancer treatment studies, primary prevention studies, and clinical screening trials of lung, ovarian, breast, and prostate cancers. He was a clinical professor in the department of medicine at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD, and was the chair of the NIH Continuing Medical Education Committee.

 Since 1994, he has served as editor-in-chief of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. He also chairs the Physician Data Query (PDQ) Editorial Board on Screening and Prevention and is a member of the PDQ Treatment Editorial Board.

NCI Advisory Boards, Director's Consumer Liaison Group to Meet End of June

The National Cancer Advisory Board will meet June 25–26 in Bethesda, MD. The agenda will be posted shortly before the meeting, and an archived videocast will be posted a few days after the meeting. Videocasts of past meetings are available here.

Also meeting on June 25–26 is the Board of Scientific Advisors (BSA). The BSA provides scientific advice on scientific program policy, progress and the direction of NCI's extramural research programs, as well as concept review of NCI's extramural program initiatives. The agenda will be available shortly before the meeting and a videocast will be available online.

In addition to the board meetings, NCI's Director's Consumer Liaison Group (DCLG) will meet June 27–28 in Bethesda, MD. DCLG members provide informed, nonscientific perspectives to the NCI director on promoting research outcomes that are in the best interest of cancer patients.The agenda is available online, and the meeting is open to the public. Please register by e-mailing or by calling 301-435-7788.

Free Workshop for Cancer Survivors: Changing Roles and Responsibilities of Caregivers

Drs. Stewart Fleishman and Barbara Given Drs. Stewart Fleishman and Barbara Given

The tenth annual Cancer Survivorship Series, "Living With, Through, and Beyond Cancer," will hold the third of four workshops this year on June 19 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. ET. This free series offers cancer survivors, their families, friends, and health care professionals practical information to help them cope with concerns and issues that arise after treatment ends.

Part III of the series, "Changing Roles and Responsibilities for Caregivers," will feature Suzanne Martz-Dones of Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr. Barbara A. Given of the Michigan State University College of Nursing, and Dr. Stewart B. Fleishman of Continuum Cancer Centers of New York: Beth Israel & St. Luke's-Roosevelt.

Participants can listen online or by telephone. To register, visit the workshop web page.

If you missed the first two workshops in the series, recordings are available online.

The final workshop in the series, "Managing Post-Treatment Neuropathy," will be held July 17 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. ET.

These workshops are presented by CancerCare, in collaboration with NCI, LIVESTRONG, the American Cancer Society, the Intercultural Cancer Council, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, and the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship.

Workshop to Focus on Integrating the "Omics" into Biology, Clinical Care

A workshop about the integration of different types of "omics" data in biology and medicine will take place June 19–20 on the NIH campus. The meeting will focus on integrating data from such fields as genomics, proteomics, and glycomics to better understand biological processes and improve clinical practice. Discussants will consider how best to use the myriad of data available from a single biological sample.

The workshop will be hosted jointly by the Proteomics Centers Program of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; NCI's Office of Cancer Clinical Proteomics Research; and the International Forum of Proteomics. It will be held 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET June 19 and 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET June 20 in the Building 60 Lecture Hall on the NIH campus. 

Registration for this free workshop is now closed, but the workshop will be videocast. Please e-mail Sonia Calcagno ( with questions.

NCI's Tom Misteli Wins Flemming Award

Dr. Tom Misteli Dr. Tom Misteli

Dr. Tom Misteli, a senior investigator in NCI's Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene Expression, received an Arthur S. Flemming Award on June 4.

For their exceptional contribution to the federal government, twelve recipients are honored annually by George Washington University and the Flemming Commission, in cooperation with the National Academy of Public Administration.

Dr. Misteli was selected for his work in cancer cell biology, including developing imaging methods to visualize the genome in living cells. This work has led to advances in the fundamental understanding of how genomes function, and it also has practical applications in biomedicine.

Dr. Misteli has used his methodologies to characterize molecular mechanisms involved in cancer progression, discover mechanisms of human aging, and invent a diagnostic strategy for detecting cancer.