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July 10, 2012 • Volume 9 / Number 14


Some Children with Hodgkin Lymphoma May Not Need Radiation Therapy

A radiation therapist preparing a child for radiation therapy

Children with Hodgkin lymphoma who have favorable clinical features and who respond early to chemotherapy may not need treatment with radiation. The finding, reported in the June 27 JAMA, is from a clinical trial of 88 patients with low-risk disease.

Patients who had an early complete response to the chemotherapy regimen used in the trial and were not treated with radiation therapy (as stipulated in the study protocol) had 5-year survival rates similar to those of children who did not have the same response to chemotherapy and therefore required radiation. Read more > >


Dr. Julia H. Rowland

Cancer Survivorship Research: Translating Science to Care

The director of NCI's Office of Cancer Survivorship shares some highlights from the Sixth Biennial Cancer Survivorship Research Conference



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Special Issue on Oncology Nursing

Don't miss our July 24 special issue, which will highlight the role of nurses in cancer care. Topics will include the role of nurse navigators, the partnership between oncologists and nurses, how nurses support family caregivers, clinical trial ethics and oncology nursing, and compassion fatigue among oncology nurses and how to address it.

Past special issues have focused on obesity and cancer research, adolescent and young adult cancers, and clinical trials enrollment.



  • FDA Update

    • FDA Approves Test to Aid Post-PSA Biopsy Decisions
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    • NCI Mobile Website Rated among Top 10 Federal Apps
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    • Free Workshop for Cancer Survivors: Managing Post-Treatment Neuropathy
    • Funding Available to Support Collaborations between U.S. and Chinese Scientists

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