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July 10, 2012 • Volume 9 / Number 14

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Popular NCI Publications Now Available as E-Books

E-book reader

NCI is making some of its most popular patient education publications available to more users. These six e-books are currently available for free online:

NCI e-books are available in two formats, epub and mobi. Epub materials can be read on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, and on many other devices, including the Nook, Kobo, and Sony Reader. Mobi publications can be read on Kindle and other devices that have Mobipocket-compatible e-book readers. (Consult your device manual for information on how to load e-books onto your device.)

More titles are being developed as e-books and will be available soon. An up-to-date list of NCI e-books is available on the Publications Locator E-Book Editions Collection page.

NCI Mobile Website Rated among Top 10 Federal Apps

Government Computer News (GCN) has rated NCI's mobile site among the top 10 federal mobile apps, with a perfect score in two out of three areas rated. On a 10-point scale, garnered 10 points for "usefulness" and "ease of use" and 6 points for "coolness factor."

The site gives mobile users easy access to a dictionary of cancer terms, information by cancer type, and a wealth of resources on topics ranging from risk factors and possible causes of cancer to treatment and side effects. John Breeden, GCN lab director, noted, "[] will even give users helpful advice about what to ask their doctor in the event of a cancer diagnosis and suggest new treatment plans that your general practitioner may not yet be aware of.

"I wish [this tool] had been available when my late father was battling cancer," Breeden wrote. "It might have made us better prepared for the pitfalls along the way. Cancer seems to touch everyone in some way, and it's nice to have this app as a starting point if it's ever needed. It well deserves a usefulness rating of 10."

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