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September 20, 2011 • Volume 8 / Number 18


HPV Vaccine Study in Costa Rica Yields Insights on Cancer Prevention

Diagram of an HPV virus-like particle and neutralizing antibodiesA flurry of new research findings on a vaccine that prevents persistent infections by cancer-causing types of the human papillomavirus (HPV) has confirmed the vaccine's efficacy and opened new avenues for research. The results, published in three separate reports, suggest that the vaccine could be simpler to administer and more affordable than researchers had thought previously—and the vaccine may also have unexpected benefits. Read more > >


A Conversation with Dr. Ted Trimble on NCI's Center for Global Health

Dr. Ted Trimble The director of NCI's new Center for Global Health explains why the center was formed and discusses the institute's global strategy for engaging the research community and other partners worldwide to ensure that cancer research has a global reach.  



  • FDA Update

    • Health Officials Issue Statement on Drug Shortages
    • Cancer Therapies Office Reorganized
  • Update

    • NCI Recovery Act Website Highlights Training in Comparative Effectiveness Research
  • Notes

    • Appointments Announced for Two New NCI Centers, Division of Cancer Prevention
    • NCI's Norm Coleman Wins Service to America Medal
    • Director's Consumer Liaison Group Meets this Week
    • NCI, HHS Launch Mobile Services to Help Smokers Quit

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