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September 21, 2010 • Volume 7 / Number 18

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New Video Highlights a Daughter’s Experience Coping with Her Mother’s Cancer

Opening image from 'Deep Water' video

The Caregivers, Family, and Friends page on now includes a video story by Cindy Lollar, an NCI staff member, about her experience supporting her mother, who is an ovarian cancer survivor. The film is also available in a larger format on NCI’s YouTube channel.

“I was a little girl who didn’t want her mother to suffer or to die,” said Lollar, “but I was also an adult daughter who could be there when her parents needed her, even though we lived thousands of miles apart.”

In the film, she describes how she and her mother have charted the emotional terrain of sorting through medical information that can be complex and frightening. The film also highlights how families can contact NCI’s Cancer Information Service for similar help.

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