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October 4, 2011 • Volume 8 / Number 19


Study Estimates Health Risks for Women Exposed to DES In Utero

Up until 1971, doctors in the United States prescribed a drug called diethylstilbestrol (DES) to millions of healthy pregnant women. The daughters of these women, who were exposed to the drug in utero, are at an increased risk of developing a range of adverse health effects related to the exposure. A study in the October 6 New England Journal of Medicine estimates the absolute risks of these health effects and summarizes decades of research on so-called DES daughters. For more information, see NCI's press release.


Combination Therapy May Help Some Patients with Advanced Breast Cancer

A combination of two available cancer drugs could offer a new treatment option for postmenopausal women whose advanced breast cancer has stopped responding to hormonal therapy, researchers said last week at a scientific meeting in Stockholm, Sweden. 
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NCI's Office of Advocacy Relations: Bringing Advocacy and Research Together

by Shannon Bell

Just as researchers and clinicians have begun to better understand that cancer is a highly complex group of diseases and have adjusted how they study and treat these diseases, cancer advocates have realized that effective advocacy is a complex and multidimensional pursuit—one in which they can play many roles. Read more > >

A Conversation with Dr. Jane Perlmutter about the Role of Advocates in Cancer Research

A breast cancer survivor and cancer research advocate explains why she turned to advocacy and describes her experience as the lead advocate on one national study. Read more > >




  • FDA Update

    • Bone Density Drug Approved for Prostate and Breast Cancer Patients
  • NIH Update

    • NIH's Intramural Research Program Unveils New Website
  • Legislative Update

    • Congressional Members and Staff Turn to NCI for Cancer Research Information
    • Congressional Appropriations Committees Put Forward Labor-HHS Bills
  • Update

    • NCI Updates Online Dietary Recall Tool
  • Notes

    • Rudolf Jaenisch Receives National Medal of Science
    • NCI's James Gulley Wins Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
    • New National Cancer Advisory Board Member Named
    • Cyber-Seminar Will Address Cancer Control and Prevention for Latino Populations
    • Small Businesses: Apply for Cancer Research Funding by November 7

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