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November 1, 2011 • Volume 8 / Number 21 Update

Recovery Act Funds Advances in Breast Cancer Detection, Treatment, and Prevention

Screenshot of NCI ARRA webpage

The NCI Recovery Act website features a new article about how Recovery Act funding is enabling researchers to address the public health burden of breast cancer. The article highlights three Recovery Act-funded projects, each addressing a different challenge associated with the disease.

The article discusses researchers who are working to improve breast cancer treatment and survival while also avoiding the use of aggressive surgery or chemotherapy when less-intensive treatment would provide equal benefit to the patient. It also covers investigators focused on breast cancer prevention and understanding how behavioral and neighborhood factors help identify specific populations that may require more interventions, and how to tailor those interventions strategically.

Through Recovery Act-funded research, scientists are making strides in understanding the complexities of breast cancer, how breast cancer affects different people, and how to address these variables.

Online Education and Training for Health Professionals Now Easily Accessible

Screenshot of NCI education and training webpage

NCI has organized its education and training materials for health professionals in one convenient location. The resources found on the Education and Training for Health Professionals webpage are designed to help meet the cancer educational needs of health care providers, public health program planners, researchers, and cancer registrars. The targeted training resources will help these audiences increase their capacity to deliver state-of-the-art cancer care and up-to-date cancer information to the public.

The training materials cover a range of critical cancer topics, including clinical trials, patient care, evidence-based cancer control program planning, translational research, and cancer registries and their operation. Courses are available in several formats, including online self-study, CD/DVD, downloadable material, webinars, podcasts, and animated tutorials.