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November 16, 2010 • Volume 7 / Number 22


HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced proposed graphic warning labels that will appear on cigarette packs and in advertisements.HHS Releases New Tobacco Control Strategy for the Nation

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services last week unveiled a new comprehensive tobacco control strategy that seeks to help smokers quit and stop others from starting to use tobacco. One high profile piece of the plan will result in bolder health warnings that must cover the upper half of the front and back of cigarette packages and at least 20 percent of tobacco product advertisements beginning in 2012. Read more > >


A 3D in vitro assay that mimics the formation of vasculature in vivo. (Image courtesy of Dr. Enrique Zudaire) What is this? Click on the image to find out.
An image of a tube formation assay taken with an epifluorescence microscope. The tube formation assay is a 3D in vitro assay that mimics the formation of vasculature in vivo. NCI’s Dr. Enrique Zudaire is using this assay to discover new drugs to block tumor angiogenesis and tumor growth. The nuclei of endothelial cells appear blue. In green are the endothelial cells, which have been genetically engineered to express a green fluorescent protein. The thinner areas are hollow tubes while the thicker areas are cell clusters. (Image courtesy of Dr. Enrique Zudaire)



  • Legislative Update

    • The 111th Congress Winds Down
  • Update

    • Boletín Showcases New Design and More Features
  • Notes

    • Biospecimens from SELECT and PCPT Now Available
    • Fraumeni Recognized for Achievements by American Cancer Society, American Italian Cancer Foundation
    • NCI Recognizes Clinical Investigators with Team Leadership Award
    • New Brochure on Biospecimens Available
    • New Issue of Cancer Health Disparities Newsletter Released
    • NCI Exhibit Booth Wins APHA Award

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