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November 30, 2010 • Volume 7 / Number 23
Special Issue: Global Collaboration


Where Science Meets Culture: The Art of Health Diplomacy

by Dr. Jorge Gomez

Dr. Jorge GomezIn this special issue of the NCI Cancer Bulletin, you will read about some of the ways NCI is supporting international collaboration for research, training, communications, and other activities related to understanding cancer and treating patients who have cancer, as well as providing information to those who may be at high risk for developing it. These collaborations are critical to our success—cancer is a problem so immense that we must gather all the ideas so that we can confront the disease in the most comprehensive way possible. Read more > >


In Bangladesh, Developing Models for Cancer Care

Dr. Richard Love and staff members from the Breast Care Center and the primary breast problem clinics in Bagerhat, Jessore, Tungipara, and Rampal In early November, Dr. Richard Love traveled from his home in Wisconsin to Khulna, Bangladesh, where he is working to develop a radiation therapy center for people with cancer. The trip included a visit to a free breast health clinic that his organization, the International Breast Cancer Research Foundation (IBCRF), and its local partners created nearly 4 years ago in Bagerhat, in southwestern Bangladesh. Read more > >




  • FDA Update

    • Another Option Added for Treating Late-Stage Breast Cancer
    • Denosumab Approved to Prevent Bone Problems in Cancer Patients
  • CMS Update

    • Medicare Advisory Panel Reviews Data on Provenge
  • Update

    • New Content on NCI's YouTube Network
    • NCI Recovery Act Web Site Highlights NCI's Smoking Cessation Program
  • Notes

    • In Memoriam: Dr. Elaine Ron, Senior Investigator in DCEG
    • EEMS Accepting Proposals for Use of PLCO Data and Biospecimens
    • Next NCAB Meeting Scheduled for December 7
    • President's Cancer Panel Discusses the Future of Cancer Research

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