NCI Cancer Bulletin: A Trusted Source for Cancer Research News
NCI Cancer Bulletin: A Trusted Source for Cancer Research News
April 17, 2007 • Volume 4 / Number 15 E-Mail This Document  |  Download PDF  |  Bulletin Archive/Search  |  Subscribe

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Featured Article

Antiangiogenic Agent Shows Promise against Glioblastoma

An experimental antiangiogenesis drug may improve the treatment of the most common and deadly type of adult brain cancer, researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School reported this week at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting in Los Angeles.

The promising clinical results were buttressed by imaging and biomarker analyses that support a theory that the value of antiangiogenic agents may not be limited to halting the development of blood vessels that feed tumors, but that the drugs also can "normalize" them to the point where the delivery of standard treatments to the tumor may be improved.  Read more  

Director's Update

Supporting Quality Research Remains NCI's Top Priority

I had the opportunity once again to provide the NCI Director's update at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting in Los Angeles.

It was an honor as a long-standing member of the organization to participate in the annual meeting as the NCI Director. I am pleased to see the significant growth and outstanding progress made by our organization.

During my talk, I took the opportunity to discuss some areas of research that I find particularly intriguing - including cancer stem cells and potential diagnostic applications of chromosome location mapping, for example - and to address some of the issues that are part of the conversation in the scientific community about the NCI budget and its potential impact on the future of cancer research.  Read more  

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