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Featured Article

Master Protein Controls Multiple Myeloma Cells

Despite the constellation of abnormal genetic changes that drive multiple myeloma, these cancer cells are controlled by a single protein, researchers reported online in Nature this week.

The study suggests that multiple myeloma cells are dependent upon the cancer-promoting genetic activities controlled by a protein called IRF4. It further suggests that breaking their "addiction" to this protein could possibly treat the disease.

In 10 different laboratory models of multiple myeloma, Dr. Louis M. Staudt of NCI's Center for Cancer Research and his colleagues found that interfering with the production of IRF4 caused the myeloma cells to die.   Read more  

Clinical Research Highlights

Outreach Improves Breast Cancer Detection in African Americans

African American women face a greater risk of death from breast cancer, in part because they tend to be diagnosed at later stages of the disease than white women. New findings published online today in Cancer suggest that this disparity in stage of diagnosis can be reduced, using a program that pairs educational outreach to the community with patient navigators who advise and guide diagnosed patients.

Dr. Sheryl G. A. Gabram and colleagues analyzed data from breast cancer patients, 89 percent of whom were African American, treated between 2001 and 2004 at the Avon Foundation Comprehensive Breast Cancer Center at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. During that period, 125 trained community health advocates (CHAs) conducted more than 1,000 interactive presentations to increase awareness and encourage breast self-examinations and screening mammography at churches, schools, workplaces, and health fairs in the communities from which the hospital draws many of its patients. Twenty CHAs received further training as patient navigators and helped diagnosed patients maximize their use of services and treatments.   Read more  

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