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October 21, 2008 • Volume 5 / Number 21 E-Mail This Document  |  Download PDF  |  Bulletin Archive/Search  |  Subscribe

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The information and links on this page are no longer being updated and are provided for reference purposes only. Update

Research Portfolio Offers More Information, New Tools

NCI has launched a revamped version of the NCI-Funded Research Portfolio (NFRP) on The revision consolidates information that was previously available across various pages of NCI's Web site, including funding and data on NCI's intramural research program, and makes available information not previously found on

Users can search individual disease categories and specific conditions, or use a more overarching approach to search by year of funding or key words. The research project records yielded by the search include a link to the abstract that explains their methodology and goals.

Users can also select how they would like to view the output of their searches: either a detailed "coding" report that shows all of the codes NCI's expert indexers used to categorize each research project or grant, or a "budget" report that details the proportional relevance of that project to a given category and the prorated dollars to a given category. This information can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet.

The new NFRP site can be accessed from various points on, including the "Research and Funding" tab along the top, or the "Science Serving People" or "Director's Corner" portals. The NFRP will continue to undergo refinements in the coming months. Users are encouraged to submit their comments to