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February 10, 2009 • Volume 6 / Number 3

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On February 4, President Obama signed an expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program, which included a federal tax increase on cigarettes, 'little cigars,' and cigarillos. Photo by Win McNamee

Health Groups Hail Increase in Federal Tobacco Taxes

Taxes on cigarettes, “little cigars,” and cigarillos will increase significantly under legislation signed by President Barack Obama on February 4. Funds from the increased tax on tobacco products will be used to offset the cost of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) expansion. Data show that youth are more responsive to cigarette price increases than adults. Both the expansion of SCHIP and the tax hike were applauded by numerous medical, health care, and tobacco control organizations. Read more > >


Director's Update: Budget Proposal Highlights Progress and Opportunities in Cancer Research

Cover art for The Nation's Investment in Cancer Research Last week NCI released The Nation's Investment in Cancer Research, an annual report intended to directly inform the President about the progress and opportunities in our continuing efforts against cancer and to justify the administration’s budget request to Congress for an additional $2.1 billion to fund the Nation’s battle against cancer. At a time of great economic challenge, the 2010 report demonstrates how NCI’s deep commitment to outstanding science benefits all Americans.  Read more > >

A Conversation With...Dr. Joe Harford

The director of NCI’s Office of International Affairs discusses the history of the Middle East Cancer Consortium, its recent efforts, and the impact of health diplomacy in the region.  Read more > >



  • Update

    • New Dietary Data Available Online
    • NHANES Dietary Web Tutorial Guides Data Users
  • Notes

    • NCI Lecture Series Features Dr. Napoleone Ferrara
    • Bridge Awards Available from SBIR
    • NCAB Convenes Its First Meeting of 2009

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