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December 1, 2009 • Volume 6 / Number 23

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Due to the complexity of cancer research, cross-disciplinary teams, such as this, will become more prevalent in oncology.

Director's Update: Success Against Cancer Depends on a Vibrant, Well-trained Workforce

Having been an academic researcher and cancer surgeon for many years, working with a great many outstanding students, training is a topic that has always been a priority for me on a personal level, and one that I am deeply concerned about when it comes to the future of cancer research. Read more > >

Inside NCI: A Conversation with Dr. Jonathan Wiest about Cancer Research Training

Watch the Inside NCI Video

The Director of NCI's Center for Cancer Training discusses some of the challenges and opportunities of training the next generation of cancer researchers. Read more > >



Academia and Beyond: Supporting the Biomedical Workforce of the Future

Reports show that staffing at colleges and universities has shifted somewhat from the employment of full-time, tenure-track faculty towards the creation of more full-time and part-time nontenure-track positions. But, said Dr. Jonathan Wiest, director of NCI's Center for Cancer Training, the trend may not be permanent, and in fact, there are plenty of opportunities on the horizon that point to a positive outlook for those who are in or considering entering the field. The key, he says, is a change in culture. Read more > >



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    • NCI's Recovery Act Web Site Features New Content
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    • Understanding NCI Teleconference: Cancer as a Model for Research
    • Childhood Cancer Survivors Art Exhibit Opens in Israel
    • New State Cancer Legislative Database Newsletter and Fact Sheet Now Available

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