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December 15, 2009 • Volume 6 / Number 24

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Intravenous chemotherapy bottlesTrial Suggests New First-line Treatment Option for Slow-growing Lymphomas

Results from a phase III clinical trial conducted in Germany suggest that the standard initial treatment for patients with slow developing (or indolent) types of B-cell lymphoma should be changed.

The trial's lead investigator, Dr. Mathias Rummel of the University Hospital in Giessen, Germany, reported that patients treated with a combination of rituximab (Rituxan) and bendamustine (Treanda) lived significantly longer without their disease progressing and were less likely to experience major toxicities than patients treated with the standard first-line treatment, a four-drug chemotherapy regimen plus the monoclonal antibody rituximab called R-CHOP. Read more > >


Director's Update: Modeling a Future without Cancer

Declines continue. When it comes to cancer rates, those two words are always encouraging. In fact, they were the headline attached to most news stories last week reporting the release of the 2009 Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer. Understanding that this is not just a single year's trend, as the report made clear, but that many cancer rates have been on the decline for more than a decade, is particularly encouraging. Read more > >

Guest Commentary by Dr. Alan G. Thorson: Moving Toward a World with Less Cancer and More Birthdays

The president of the American Cancer Society shares his thoughts about past accomplishments and future efforts in cancer research Read more > >



  • Notes

    • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to Operate NCI's CIS Contact Center
    • Application Deadlines Approach for Interagency Oncology Task Force Fellowships
    • President's Cancer Panel Examines Race and Cancer Burden


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