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U of Michigan researchers discover new genetic anomalies in lung cancer
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 12/22/2014) - By analyzing the DNA and RNA of lung cancers, researchers found that patients whose tumors contained a large number of gene fusions had worse outcomes than patients with fewer gene fusions.

St. Jude researchers identify cells that enhance tumor growth and suppress anti-cancer immune attack
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 12/18/2014) - Scientists used a novel strategy to find the white blood cells that tumors rely on to suppress the immune response.

UCLA researchers find that lens-free microscope can detect cancer at the cellular level
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 12/18/2014) - UCLA researchers have developed a lens-free microscope that can be used to detect the presence of cancer or other cell-level abnormalities with the same accuracy as larger and more expensive optical microscopes.

Thomas Jefferson U researchers explore how prostate cancer forms
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 12/18/2014) - The cause of prostate cancer may be linked to Parkinson's disease through a common enzyme.

Roswell Park study suggests additional applications for FL118 as personalized therapy for cancer
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 12/16/2014) - Study results showed that FL118 can also activate the p53 tumor-suppressor pathway in cancer cells, encouraging cell senescence, or aging.

Ohio State researchers find that long noncoding RNAs are a novel prognostic marker in older patients with acute leukemia
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 12/16/2014) - A new study shows that patterns of molecules called long noncoding RNAs might help doctors choose the least toxic, most effective treatment for many older patients with acute myeloid leukemia.

More than 300 million people in at least 70 countries use smokeless tobacco
NCI/CDC Press Release
(Posted: 12/15/2014) - The first-ever report on the global use and public health impact of smokeless tobacco finds that more than 300 million people in at least 70 countries use these harmful products. The report is titled Smokeless Tobacco and Public Health: A Global Perspective.
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UT Southwestern researchers note that signaling mechanism could be target for survival, growth of tumor cells in brain cancer
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 12/15/2014) - UT Southwestern Medical Center neurology researchers have identified an important cell signaling mechanism that plays an important role in brain cancer and may provide a new therapeutic target.

U Penn Medical School researchers find that most women with early-stage breast cancer in US receive radiation for too long
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 12/11/2014) - Two-thirds of women treated for early-stage breast cancer in the US receive longer radiation therapy than necessary, according to a new study published in JAMA this week from Penn Medicine.

Premenopausal women who received ovarian suppression treatment along with tamoxifen had a lower risk of breast cancer recurrence
NCI News Note
(Posted: 12/11/2014) - A clinical trial sponsored and supported by NCI showed that suppressing ovarian function reduced breast cancer recurrence in premenopausal women receiving the drug tamoxifen after surgery for early-stage breast cancer.

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