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Moffitt researchers develop model for predicting therapy outcomes in prostate cancer with bone metastasis
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 05/05/2014) - Researchers have developed a model that simulates bone metastasis of prostate cancer which has the potential to rapidly assess experimental therapy outcomes and help develop personalized medicine for patients with this disease.

Hopkins researchers use human fat to fight brain cancer in mice
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 05/02/2014) - Johns Hopkins researchers use stem cells derived from human body fat to deliver treatment for deadly glioblastoma in mice.

Northwestern U researchers find that vitamin D deficiency could be linked to aggressive prostate cancer
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 05/01/2014) - African-American and European-American men at high risk of prostate cancer have greater odds of being diagnosed with an aggressive form of the disease if they have a vitamin D deficiency.

Cold Spring Harbor researchers find immunogenic mutations in tumor genomes correlate with increased patient survival
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 05/01/2014) - Developing immunotherapies for cancer is challenging because of significant variability among tumors and diversity in human immune types. In a study published online today in Genome Research , researchers examined the largest collection of tumor samples to date to predict patient-specific survival

Hopkins researchers find that brain tumor cells penetrated by tiny, degradable particles can carry genetic instructions
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 04/30/2014) - Johns Hopkins biomedical engineers and neurosurgeons report that they have created tiny, biodegradable 'nanoparticles' able to carry DNA to brain cancer cells in mice.

University of Michigan study finds unemployment common after breast cancer treatment
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 04/28/2014) - Nearly one-third of breast cancer survivors who were working when they began treatment were unemployed four years later.

Purdue U researchers find that gold nanoparticles help target, quantify breast cancer gene segments in a living cell
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 04/23/2014) - Purdue University researchers have developed a way to detect and measure cancer levels in a living cell by using tiny gold particles with tails of synthetic DNA.

Ohio State researchers find that a gene within a gene contributes to the aggressiveness of acute myeloid leukemia
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 04/22/2014) - High expression of a gene called BAALC is known to be associated with poor survival of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients. BAALC has a second smaller gene embedded within it that is also active.

Dana-Farber researchers uncover link between Down syndrome and leukemia
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 04/21/2014) - A team of researchers led by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute investigators has uncovered a connection between people with Down syndrome and having a heightened risk of developing acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) during childhood.

Hopkins researchers find that chronic inflammation is linked to high-grade prostate cancer
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 04/21/2014) - Men with chronic inflammation in non-cancerous prostate tissue may have nearly twice the risk of actually having prostate cancer.

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