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Roswell Park researchers findings on key gene related to cancer metastasis
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 02/04/2014) - Roswell Park researchers report that the loss of these two genes and associated protein products leads to early prostate cancer.

Albert Einstein researchers find that a chemical stem cell signature predicts treatment response for AML
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 02/04/2014) - Researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University and Montefiore Medical Center have found a chemical “signature” in blood-forming stem cells that predicts whether patients with acute myeloid leukemia will respond to chemotherapy.

Dana-Farber researchers find that revamped radiation treatment schedule for common form of brain cancer can extend survival
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 02/03/2014) - An altered radiation treatment schedule for the most common and lethal form of brain cancer extended survival times, a new study by researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and other organizations has shown.

USCD scientists find that stem cell signal is linked with cancer growth
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 02/03/2014) - Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have identified a protein critical to hematopoietic stem cell function and blood formation.

Adding chemotherapy following radiation treatment improves survival for adults with a slow-growing type of brain tumor
NCI Press Release
(Posted: 02/03/2014) - Adults with low-grade gliomas, a form of brain tumor, who received chemotherapy following completion of radiation therapy lived longer than patients who received radiation therapy alone, according to long-term follow-up results from a NIH-supported randomized controlled clinical trial. Low-grade gliomas have a more indolent or slower growing behavior and better outcome compared to the more common high-grade gliomas such as glioblastoma. [Image copyright Mayo Clinic, 2012]
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Hopkins researchers find that a vaccine used to treat cervical precancers can trigger an immune cell response
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 01/31/2014) - Preliminary results of a small clinical trial show that a vaccine used to treat women with high-grade precancerous cervical lesions triggers an immune cell response within the damaged tissue itself.

UCSD researchers find that DNA damage can affect Golgi bodies in a cell
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 01/31/2014) - In studying the impact of DNA damage on the Golgi, a research team from USCD have discovered a novel pathway activated by DNA damage.

Case Western study finds mammography may be beneficial for younger women
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 01/30/2014) - Researchers from University Hospitals Case Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine have published new findings showing that mammography may be beneficial for women in their 40s.

UNC researchers develop improved ultrasound imaging that provides alternate way to visualize tumors
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 01/30/2014) - Researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine have combined ultrasound with a contrast agent to visualize tumors without using radiation.

Mayo Clinic researchers find that new data contradict current recommendations for management of breast biopsy abnormalities
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 01/30/2014) - Contrary to existing understanding, long-term follow-up of patients with two types of breast tissue abnormalities suggests that both types of abnormalities have the same potential to progress to breast cancer.

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