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UNC researchers develop improved ultrasound imaging that provides alternate way to visualize tumors
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 01/30/2014) - Researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine have combined ultrasound with a contrast agent to visualize tumors without using radiation.

Mayo Clinic researchers find that new data contradict current recommendations for management of breast biopsy abnormalities
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 01/30/2014) - Contrary to existing understanding, long-term follow-up of patients with two types of breast tissue abnormalities suggests that both types of abnormalities have the same potential to progress to breast cancer.

NCI launches trial to assess the utility of genetic sequencing to improve patient outcomes
NCI Press Release
(Posted: 01/30/2014) - A pilot trial to assess whether assigning treatment based on specific gene mutations can provide benefit to patients with metastatic solid tumors is being launched this month by the NCI. The Molecular Profiling based Assignment of Cancer Therapeutics, or M-PACT, trial is one of the first to use a randomized trial design to assess if assigning treatment based on genetic screening can improve the rate and duration of response in patients with advanced solid tumors.
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University of Colorado researchers find method that lets ALK+ lung cancer patients continue crizotinib
NCI Press Release
(Posted: 01/29/2014) - Patients taking crizotinib for ALK+ non-small cell lung cancer may safely and durably use up to three courses of targeted radiation therapy to eradicate pockets of drug-resistant disease.

TCGA bladder cancer study reveals potential drug targets, similarities to several cancers
NCI Press Release
(Posted: 01/29/2014) - Investigators with TCGA have identified new potential therapeutic targets for a major form of bladder cancer, including important genes and pathways that are disrupted in the disease. They also discovered that, at the molecular level, some subtypes of bladder cancer resemble subtypes of breast, head and neck and lung cancers, suggesting similar routes of development.

Ohio State researchers find that yoga can lower fatigue, inflammation in breast cancer survivors
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 01/28/2014) - ​In this Ohio State University Medical Center study, the more women practiced (yoga), the better their results. Practicing yoga for as little as three months can reduce fatigue in breast cancer survivors.

University of Chicago researchers find that fragmented sleep accelerates cancer growth
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 01/28/2014) - Poor-quality sleep marked by frequent awakenings can speed cancer growth, increase tumor aggressiveness and dampen the immune system's ability to control or eradicate early cancers.

Dartmouth researchers developing new approach for imaging dense breasts for abnormalities
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 01/27/2014) - Dartmouth engineers and radiologists are developing new approaches for an emerging technique in diagnostic imaging for breast cancer—MRI with near-infrared spectroscopy.

UCSD researchers find a method that could put a brake on a tumor's spread
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 01/24/2014) - A UCSD research team has found that a protein involved in promoting tumor growth and survival is also activated in surrounding blood vessels, enabling cancer cells to spread into the bloodstream.

Dana-Farber researchers develop new computer model that may aid personalized cancer care
NCI Press Release
(Posted: 01/24/2014) - Researchers at Dana-Farber have developed a tool to help predict how a patient’s tumor is likely to behave and which of several possible treatments is most likely to be effective.

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