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Stanford researchers find that UV light can turn gene into source of skin cancers
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 09/08/2014) - A genetic mutation caused by ultraviolet light is likely the driving force behind millions of human skin cancers, according to researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

UT Southwestern researchers find new gene mutations for Wilms Tumor
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 09/08/2014) - Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center and the Gill Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s Medical Center, Dallas, have made significant progress in defining new genetic causes of Wilms tumor, a type of kidney cancer found only in children.

Fred Hutchinson researchers find no link between wearing bras and breast cancer
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 09/08/2014) - Study by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center found no evidence that wearing a bra increases a woman’s risk for breast cancer.

NCI study examines outcomes from surgery to prevent ovarian cancer
NCI News Note
(Posted: 09/08/2014) - A new study looked at women at high risk of ovarian cancer who had no clinical signs of the disease and who underwent risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy (RRSO). The study results showed cancer in the removed tissues of 2.6 percent (25 of 966) of the participants.

Hopkins researchers find that blood test for 'nicked' protein predicts prostate cancer treatment response
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 09/04/2014) - Prostate cancer patients whose tumors contain a shortened protein called AR-V7, which can be detected in the blood, are less likely to respond to two widely used drugs for metastatic prostate cancer, according to results of a study led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

Hopkins researchers find that if prepped by tumor cells, lymphatic cells can encourage breast cancer cells to spread
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 09/03/2014) - Breast cancer cells can lay the groundwork for their own spread throughout the body by coaxing cells within lymphatic vessels to send out tumor-welcoming signals.

Stanford researchers find that breast cancer patients with bilateral mastectomy don’t have better survival rates
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 09/03/2014) - The first-ever direct comparison of breast cancer surgeries shows no survival benefit for women who had both breasts removed compared with women who underwent lumpectomy followed by radiation therapy.

Rutgers research reveals mechanism behind cell protein remodeling
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 09/02/2014) - Researchers have demonstrated a concept that comes into play in remodeling proteins found within a family of cancers that does not respond well to cancer-treating drugs -- cancers driven by what is known as activated Ras.

Risk factors identified for certain lymphoma subtypes
NCI News Note
(Posted: 09/02/2014) - In a large international collaborative analysis of risk factors for non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), scientists were able to quantify risk associated with medical history, lifestyle factors, family history of blood or lymph-borne cancers, and occupation for 11 different NHL subtypes, including less common subtypes.

Mass General researchers find that circulating tumor cell clusters are more likely to cause metastasis than single cells
NCI Cancer Center News
(Posted: 08/29/2014) - Tumor cells that break off a primary tumor and are carried through the bloodstream appear to be much more likely to cause metastasis than are single circulating tumor cells, according to a study from investigators at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center.

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