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Lifelines™ Care and Treatment

This page contains articles and videos about cancer care and treatment. We encourage downloading and reprinting the articles and reposting the videos.

Clinical Trials Awareness 

In communities of color, the words “clinical trial” or “research study” sometimes raise concerns that are rooted in memories of infamous studies of the past, such as the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. These articles talk about the importance of learning about clinical trials in the Hispanic and African American communities and point readers to NCI and NIH resources.

African Americans (PDF - 124KB)
Hispanic/Latinos (PDF - 124KB)

A Look at End-of-Life Care Issues for Native Americans

Although as a group, AI/AN have a lower incidence of most types of cancer than non-Hispanic white Americans, they are more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage disease, and their cancer survival is generally poorer than that of other groups. This article takes a look at end-of-life care issues for this population as it relates to cancer as well as other diseases.

American Indians (PDF - 76KB)

Cancer and the Elderly

In many American families, including those from minority populations, people from a wide range of ages live together under the same roof. Cancer is a common event among older people, and with age the risk increases. This article gives an overview of cancer issues that may affect the elderly.

Multicultural Populations (PDF-64KB)
Hispanic/Latinos (PDF - 72KB)

Confronting a Cancer Diagnosis: Steps to Consider

This article provides an overview of steps to take when confronting a cancer diagnosis, including information about educational resources from the National Cancer Institute.

African Americans (PDF - 74KB)
Hispanic/Latinos (PDF - 64KB)

Putting the Patient’s Quality of Life First in Cancer Care

This article provides an overview of palliative care and explains how and why palliative care to treat symptoms and improve a patient’s quality of life can and should be given throughout a patient’s illness.

Multicultural Populations (PDF - 87KB)

Cancer and Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Dr. Jeffrey D. White, Director of the NCI's Office of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, explains the different types of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

Download ( MP3 - 0:59, 0.9 MB) | Read the Transcript

Videos in the Care and Treatment Playlist (Below) Include:

Connecting Complementary & Alternative Medicine and Traditional Native American Healing Practices

Dr. White, Director of The Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine (OCCAM) and Dr. Henderson, CEO of Black Hills Center for American Indian Health; discuss cancer research as it relates to complementary and alternative medicine in the Native American community.

African Americans and Clinical Trials Awareness

Dr. Lauren Wood, head of the Vaccine Branch Clinical Trials Team, talks about cancer clinical trials awareness and barriers to participation in the African American community during an interview with Dr. Rick Manrow of the NCI Cancer Bulletin.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine 

Dr. Jeffrey D. White, Director of the NCI's Office of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, explains the different types of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and discusses what to think about when considering a CAM therapy, including separating fiction from CAM facts.