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The Center for Cancer Training

9609 Medical Center Dr. 2W118 MSC9707 Bethesda, MD 20892-9707
Phone: 240-276-5630  Fax: 240-276-5659

Office of the Director, CCT
NameE-mail AddressTitle
Jonathan Wiest, Ph.D.wiestj@mail.nih.govDirector
Ming Lei, Ph.D.leim@mail.nih.govDeputy Director
Julie Mason, Ph.D.masonjl@mail.nih.govAssociate Director
Erika Ginsburg, M.A.ginsbure@mail.nih.govProgram Analyst
Angela Jonesjonesangel@mail.nih.govProgram Coordinator
LaTasha Beasleybeasleylt@mail.nih.govStaff Assistant
Cancer Training Branch, CCT
NameE-mail AddressTitle
Ming Lei, Ph.D.leim@mail.nih.govBranch Chief
Susan N. Perkins, Ph.D.perkinsu@mail.nih.govDeputy Branch Chief
Maria Moten (C)motenmc@mail.nih.govAdministrative Assistant
Program Directors
NameE-mail AddressAssigned Programs
Mark Damico, Ph.D.damicomw@mail.nih.govF30, K12, LRP
Sonia Jakowlew, Ph.D.jakowles@mail.nih.govF32, F33, K22, K25
Jeannette Korczak, Ph.D.korczakj@mail.nih.govF31, R25E
Susan Lim, Ph.D.lims@mail.nih.govK08, K23, K24, T32
Susan N. Perkins, Ph.D.perkinsu@mail.nih.govK05, K07, R25T, T32, LRP
Michael Schmidt, Ph.D.mschmidt@mail.nih.govF31, K99
Program Specialists(Trainee Appointments, Terminations, and Related Inquiries)
NameE-mail AddressAssigned Programs
Tanika Bishopbishopta@mail.nih.govT32
Teresa Quinones-SaadipourTeresa.Quinones-Saadipour@nih.govFs, K12, R25T
Karen Tolsontolsonk@mail.nih.govT32

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  • Updated: January 9, 2015