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Funded K12 Grants

The K12-Paul Calabresi Award in Clinical Oncology is a multi- and transdisciplinary institutional training award supporting the research career development of clinicians and/or Ph.D. basic scientists to: (I) perform clinical oncology therapeutic research that develops and tests scientific hypotheses based on fundamental and clinical research findings; (2) design and test hypothesis-based clinical therapeutic protocols and adjunct biological analyses and administer all phases (i.e., pilot/phase I, phase II, and phase III) of cancer therapeutic clinical trials; and (3) conduct cancer therapeutic research in team research settings in which basic and clinical scientists collaborate and interact to expedite the translation of basic research discoveries into patient-oriented therapeutic cancer research. The award provides up to five years of renewable support, including partial salary support for the PI, and requires a minimum of 75% effort commitment of the appointee to the research and career development objectives of the award. Candidates apply to the individual programs for a minimum of two years of mentored career development at salaries up to $100,000 annually for 75% effort commitment and up to $30,000 annually for research development costs.

See the NCI Cancer Research Portfolio for a current list of funded K12 awards or search  by using NIH RePORTER.

  • Updated: May 13, 2013