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Funded K99/R00 Grants

The K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award in Cancer Research is for outstanding junior scientists in laboratory-based cancer research who are committed to developing research programs in understanding human biology and human disease as they relate to the etiology, pathogenesis, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human cancer. This award provides support for a period of one or two years in a mentored environment, followed by a transition to the equivalent of an independent, tenure-track faculty position to develop an independent research program. The K99 provides support for up to 2 years for salary (up to $100,000 plus fringe benefits, per year) and research development support (up to $30,000 per year) during the mentored phase, while the R00 provides up to 3 years of support for the independent phase (up to $249,000 total cost, per year). The K99/R00 requires a minimum of 9 person-months (75% total professional effort) commitment toward the research and career development objectives of the award. Grant applications must include proposals for both phases and the K99/R00 is nonrenewable.

See the NCI Funded Research Portfolio for a current list of K99/R00 awards.

See the List of Intramural K99 awardees below:

NCI Awarded NIH Intramural K99's
FYPrincipal InvestigatorNIH InstituteGrant NumberProject Title
2009Goli Samimi, PhDNCI1K99CA140713Characterization of Stromal-Epithelial Interactions in Ovarian Tumors.
2009Fengyi Wan, PhDNIAID1K99CA137171Novel Subunit of NF-kB Confers Gene Regulatory Specificity
2009Zhu Wenge, PhDNICHD1K99CA136555DNA Replication Control and Its Application to Selective Killing of Cancer Cells
2010Christina Annunziata, MD, PhDNCI1K99CA151746Characterization of I-kappaB kinase epsilon as an oncogene in ovarian cancer
2010Qiou Wei, PhDNCI 1K99CA149144The Role of Sulfiredoxin in Tumorigenesis and Cancer Progression.
2011(Ricia) Katherine Hyde, PhDNHGRI1K99CA148963Analysis of initiating events in inv(16) associated acute myeloid leukemia
2011Samuel Bunting, PhDNCI1K99CA160574Targeted therapies to correct genomic instability in Brca1-deficient cells.
2011Jeremy A. Daniel, PhDNCI1K99CA160576Mechanism and specificity of PTIP complex function in B lymphocytes
2012Stephanie K. Watkins, PhDNCI1K99CA151294Reversing Tolerogenicity of Tumor Associated Dendritic Cells to Enhance CTL Anti-Tumor Immunity in Prostate Cancer

An NIH intramural K99/R00 awardee does not receive K99 funds. The awardee only receives R00 funds when successfully transitioned to an independent position at an extramural institution.