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Research Program Contacts

Find NCI Program Director Contacts for the following Divisions, Centers, and Offices

NCI Divisions

NCI Centers, Offices, and Programs

NCI Divisions

Find NCI Staff and Program Director contacts for the following NCI Divisions

Division of Cancer Biology (DCB)

DCB supports and coordinates research projects in basic cancer biology at universities, hospitals, research foundations, and businesses across the United States and abroad.
DCB Staff Directory

Division of Cancer Control & Population Sciences (DCCPS)

DCCPS supports a comprehensive program of genetic, epidemiologic, behavioral, social, and surveillance cancer research.
DCCPS Staff Directory

Division of Cancer Prevention (DCP)

DCP supports research to determine and reduce a person's risk of developing cancer, as well as research to develop and evaluate cancer screening procedures.
DCP Staff Directory

Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis (DCTD)

DCTD supports the translation of promising research areas into improved diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for cancer patients.
DCTD Staff Directory

NCI Centers, Offices, and Programs

Find NCI Program Director contacts for the following NCI Centers, Offices, and Selected Programs.

Center for Cancer Training (CCT)
CCT provides funding to support training and career development for cancer researchers working at institutions nationwide and also manages intramural training programs offered at NCI laboratories and offices.
CCT Staff Directory

Dr. Ming Lei

Center for Global Health (CGH) 
CGH facilitates global collaboration by leveraging research resources with U.S. government agencies, foreign governments, non-government organizations, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
CGH web site

Dr. Edward Trimble

Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities (CRCHD)
CRCHD supports the reduction of cancer health disparities in diverse populations through research, training, and partnerships.
CRCHD Staff Directory

Diversity Research
Dr. Nelson Aguila
Diversity Training
Dr. Peter Ogunbiyi

Center for Strategic Scientific Initiatives (CSSI) CSSI provides support for innovative programs that includes clinical proteomics, cancer genomics, nanotechnology, and physical sciences cancer research.
CSSI Staff Directory

The Center for Cancer Genomics (CCG) manges TCGA and OCG
OCG supports programs that will enhance our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cancer.

Office of Cancer Clinical Proteomics
OCCPR supports the development of technologies and reagents that will advance our understanding of protein biology in cancer

Dr. Henry Rodriguez

Office of Nanotechnology Research
OCNR directs the NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer program that supports the application of nanotechnology to all aspects of cancer research.

Dr. Piotr Grodzinski

Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies Program (IMAT)
IMAT is a NCI initiative that supports the development of novel technologies that support clinical, laboratory, and epidemiology cancer research.
IMAT Staff Directory

Dr. Tony Dickherber

Office of HIV and AIDS Malignancies (OHAM)
OHAM coordinates HIV/AIDS research throughout the NCI, including programs in AIDS-related cancer. 
OHAM Staff Directory

Dr. Robert Yarchoan

Provocative Questions Program (PQ)
PQ is a NCI initiative that intends to assemble a list of important questions, or problems that are paradoxes in cancer research that will stimulate research communities to use laboratory, clinical, and population sciences in new, effective, and imaginative ways.
PQ web site

Dr. Emily Greenspan

Small Business & Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR)
SBIR and STTR programs seek to increase small business and private sector participation to develop and commercialize novel technologies to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer.
SBIR/STTR Staff Directory

Michael Weingarten

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  • Updated: April 6, 2012