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Selected Cancer Center Accomplishments

The unprecedented scientific discoveries made over the past decade have refined our understanding of cancer and led to improved treatments for many types of the disease. At any given time, there are hundreds of research studies taking place at the 68 NCI-designated cancer centers, ranging from laboratory investigations to clinical assessments of new treatments, from efforts to refine surgical techniques to improving the delivery of the best possible care to all members of their local communities. Often, these studies are collaborative, involving multiple research centers and other partners in industry and the community. Read about some of the recent accomplishments of the NCI Cancer Centers in the 2013 .

We have chosen four areas of research to highlight the recent accomplishments of the NCI-designated cancer centers. These examples, although far from comprehensive, present compelling snapshots of the work taking place at the centers, often with the support of the universities that so frequently house them. They also illustrate how NCI-designated cancer centers advance national initiatives in cancer research.

  • Posted: August 13, 2012