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NCI at AACR 2012: Supporting the Journey from Bench to Bedside

NCI Sponsored Sessions & Sessions Featuring NCI Staff

Sessions Featuring NCI Staff

During AACR’s 2012 Annual Meeting there are three different ways to learn from NCI staff at sessions.

  • NCI Sponsored Sessions are all led by NCI staff and will present information about NCI programs. NCI Sponsored Sessions at AACR are not scientific sessions in that research studies and data are not presented. Rather, these sessions are informative in nature and provide details on NCI’s priorities, programs, funding opportunities, resources, and guidance.
  • Other Sessions with NCI Staff Participants are traditional data-driven oral presentations that have one or more NCI staff participating.
  • Plenary Session – Hear from Dr. Louis Staudt on Sunday April 1 and Dr. James Gulley on Tuesday April 3.

NCI at AACR schedule: