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TRWG, Translational Research Working Group

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The TRWG members are considering previous and concurrent efforts that examined translational research in cancer and their proposed specific recommendations. Brief summaries and document links are listed below.

P30/P50 Report
"Advancing Translational Cancer Research: A Vision of the Cancer Center and SPORE Programs of the Future"
P30 refers to the NCI's Cancer Center support Grant (CCSG) program, and the P50 to the Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPORE) awards. The National Cancer Advisory Board (NCAB) convened an ad hoc committee to look at translational research in both of these programs, and received a 44-page report with recommendations.

President's Cancer Panel Report
"Translating Research into Cancer Care: Delivering on the Promise"
The President's Cancer Panel report to the President for 2004-05 is focused on the translation of basic science discoveries into improved cancer prevention and care. The recommendations address a spectrum of activities extending through knowledge dissemination and access to care.

NIH Roadmap
The National Institutes of Health (NIH), of which NCI is the largest single institute, under Director Elias A. Zerhouni, has developed a "Roadmap" for medical research in the 21st century. Translational research is one of five related initiatives established to "Re-Engineer the Clinical Research Enterprise."

Relevant Progress Review Group Reports
Progress Review Groups (PRGs) develop recommendations for cancer-specific investments. Several PRG reports address the role of translational research in---

Cancer at a Crossroads
"Cancer at a Crossroads: A Report to Congress for the Nation"
The National Cancer Advisory Board (NCAB) periodically reports to the U.S. Congress on the status of the National Cancer Program. In September 1994, the NCAB released this report that addressed all stages of the National Cancer Program, from basic research to delivery of cancer care.

Clinical Trials Working Group Report
"Restructuring the National Cancer Clinical Trials Enterprise"
In June 2005, the Clinical Trials Working Group was established by NCI to advise the National Cancer Advisory Board on issues concerning NCI-supported cancer clinical trials.

Critical Path Initiative
"Challenge and Opportunity on the Critical Path to New Medical Products"
This report provided the FDA with an analysis of the pipeline problem in innovative medical therapies reaching patients.