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TRWG, Translational Research Working Group

Roundtable Information

On February 23-24, 2006 in Phoenix, AZ, the TRWG convened a national roundtable to solicit input on NCI's investment in translational research. In addition to the core TRWG members, additional individuals from academia, industry, advocacy, foundations, and government agencies participated in this brainstorming activity.

  1. List of Roundtable attendees
  2. Dr. Anna Barker's presentation to the Roundtable
  3. Executive Summary

On October 16-17, 2006 in Atlanta, GA, the TRWG convened a 2nd national roundtable. Similar to the first roundtable, attendees included the core TRWG members and many other individuals from the broader cancer community. Roundtable participants were called upon to represent their areas of expertise and assist in reviewing the TRWG's draft initiatives and discuss implementation concepts for a translational research model of the future.

  1. List of 2nd Roundtable attendees
  2. Dr. Ernie Hawk's presentation to the Roundtable
  3. Executive Summary