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Description of NCI Cancer Genetics Services Directory

Notice: This service is being retired on September 30, 2019.

The Genetics Services Directory will no longer be available on this website after that date.

The NCI Cancer Genetics Services Directory is a directory of individuals who provide services related to cancer genetics.  These services include:

  • cancer risk assessment
  • genetic counseling
  • genetic susceptibility testing

Eligibility Criteria

This directory lists professionals from various disciplines, such as genetic counseling, oncology, nursing, psychology, social work, and clinical genetics.

Each person listed must:

  • be licensed, certified, or eligible for board certification in their profession
  • have specific training in cancer genetics
  • be affiliated with an interdisciplinary team with substantial expertise in cancer genetics
  • be a member of one of the professional organizations listed on the application
  • be willing to accept referrals

Listing in the NCI Cancer Genetics Services Directory is not an endorsement by the National Cancer Institute.

Searching the Directory

You can search the NCI Cancer Genetics Services Directory by the professional's name, by specific cancer type(s) or genetic condition(s), or by location (city, state, or country).

About Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is done either in a clinical setting or as part of a research study.

Testing in a clinical setting usually involves fees both for the medical/counseling services as well as for the test itself, if a test is needed. Also, consultations for comprehensive family risk assessment and counseling usually occur only in face-to-face visits and not by telephone.

Anyone considering genetic testing should always receive genetic education and counseling from qualified professionals to ensure that he or she fully understands the implications of testing and gives informed consent. Many of the specialists in this directory provide genetics services in a clinical setting.

About Genetic Testing Research

Turning scientific discoveries into clinical care is a long process. Initially, genetic tests are conducted as part of research studies to help decide when the test should be done, how safe the test is, how well the test works, and how accurate it is. These research studies also determine how sensitive and specific the test is. Research studies also explore counseling issues and the psychological, social, economic, and medical consequences of testing or not testing.

Some cancer genetics specialists listed in this directory are only involved in research projects. Others are involved in clinical care and some specialists work in both settings. The purpose of many research studies is to answer scientific questions. Therefore, researchers may not provide test results or other clinical information to study participants and their doctors.  If a participant takes part in a research study, testing is usually paid for by the study.

Find studies that are accepting patients by searching NCI's list of cancer clinical trials. General information about clinical trials is available from the clinical trials section of NCI's Web site. 

Applying to the Directory

To be considered for inclusion in the directory, please complete the online application form.

For questions about being listed in the directory, please send an e-mail to

Directory Updates

Professionals listed in this directory will be contacted yearly by e-mail to verify and/or update their record information. Update information can also be sent to