The National Cancer Institute's professional judgment budget proposal for fiscal year 2019 includes the following. The fiscal year 2017 N C I base appropriation is $5.38 billion. The total budget increase, proposed allocation, includes: $301 million for inflation adjustment for the two years between fiscal year 2017 and fiscal year 2019. In addition to the inflation adjustment, the increase of $591 million includes $290 million, 5.4 percent, for additional cancer research in seven priority areas. This includes: $45 million for understanding the mechanisms of cancer; $70 million for preventing cancer; $40 million for detecting and diagnosing cancer; $70 million for treating cancer; $25 million for advancing public health in cancer; $20 million for reducing cancer disparities and $20 million for training and infrastructure. The fiscal year 2019 budget request is $5.98 billion. Added to this is $400 million in fiscal year 2019 Cancer Moonshot funding. The fiscal year 2019 grand total then is $6.38 billion.