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  • How to Navigate the CTD2 Dashboard: Access to Translational Data
    December 18, 2017, by The CTD^2 Dashboard Development Team

    The Cancer Target Discovery and Development (CTD2) Dashboard aims to provide easy exploration of data to non-computational scientists. Through an open-access web interface, users can view validated data and results assembled from multiple projects or CTD2 Centers.

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  • Hope for a Rare Disease Through TCGA: My Perspective as a Caregiver, Patient Advocate, and Physician
    November 20, 2017, by Sara Selig, M.D., M.P.H.

    The founder of the Melanoma Research Foundation's Community United for Research and Education of Ocular Melanoma (CURE OM) initiative describes her journey from having a loved one diagnosed with a rare disease, to forming a patient advocacy group, to teaming up with The Cancer Genome Atlas in a collaborative research effort.

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  • CTD2: Bridging Genomics to Therapeutics
    October 19, 2017, by Subhashini Jagu, Ph.D. & Freddie L. Pruitt, Ph.D.

    The Cancer Target Discovery and Development (CTD2) initiative was established by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to bridge the gap between cancer genomics and precision oncology and has developed many approaches for identifying therapeutic targets, perturbagens, and biomarkers. CTD2 is currently exploring cancer heterogeneities and developing strategies to overcome treatment resistance.

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  • A Brief Tour of DAVE: The Genomic Data Commons Analysis Toolkit
    September 12, 2017, by Zhining Wang, Ph.D.

    The Genomic Data Commons (GDC) gives a brief tour of DAVE: Data Analysis, Visualization, and Exploration Tools. GDC welcomes user questions and feedback to help build an accessible and valuable genomic data resource.

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  • TRACERx: Trailblazing Longitudinal Cancer Genomics
    June 1, 2017, by Jean C. Zenklusen, M.S., Ph.D.

    The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) has been analyzed in more than one thousand scientific publications and enabled countless discoveries, but mostly using cross-sectional studies. To study in depth how cancer evolves and progresses, NCI's Center for Cancer Genomics (CCG) is supporting the innovative, longitudinal study Tracking Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Evolution through Therapy (TRACERx).

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