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Building Partnerships Begins at Home

, by Lisa Stevens

Annie Sampson and Meg Bertram pose for the camera, showing off their monkey and banana costume duo. 

CGH staff members take a moment to engage in some frivolity in celebration of Halloween. "Everything is about task and relationship. We need to make sure we take some time away from our busy schedule [tasks] to keep our working relationships strong. What is better than sharing food and laughing at one another's costumes?” says Lisa Stevens, Deputy Director for Planning and Operations, CGH. There were costumes representing Scotland, and even coordinated costume pairs like a monkey and banana.  "We have incredibly dedicated staff members who work in very intense and high-demand situations," says Tom Gross, Deputy Director for Science, CGH.  "It is nice to see them taking a break and having fun."

After the pot-luck celebration, folks returned to focusing on networks in Latin America, the upcoming World Cancer Congress, and breast cancer partnerships, to name a few.  "I am proud to lead such a great team.  Looking forward to many more team-building activities with this group," noted CGH Director, Ted Trimble.  

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