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Mapping International Cancer Activities – Global Cancer Project Map Launch

, by Makeda Williams

With so many ongoing cancer research and cancer control activities worldwide, it can be a challenge to know the ‘who, what, when, where and why’ behind these efforts. Providing a resource to researchers and organizations with the capability for sharing information about cancer control work and fostering collaboration will play a major role in advancing cancer research capacity and reducing the global cancer burden.

CGH’s Dr. Sudha Sivaram, Dr. Makeda Williams, and Ms. Kalina Duncan have partnered with Drs. Ami Bhatt and Franklin Huang at Global Oncology, Inc. (GO) to develop a web-based tool designed to facilitate cancer research and control activity planning. This tool, the Global Cancer Project Map (GCPM), is a database that allows users locate and learn more about international cancer projects and research programs through the use of an interactive world map. By employing detailed search functionalities, such as geo-coding and cancer epidemiology background data, GCPM streamlines searches for cancer research and control programs, training activities, and capacity building initiatives. GCPM is available to users free of charge, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The Global Cancer Project Map launches today at the Symposium on Global Cancer Research at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health 2015 Annual Conference. Drs. Bhatt and Huang will introduce GCPM during the Symposium, and will give a brief demonstration of its features. GCPM will premier with information from NCI-funded research and a sampling of international projects led by five NCI-Designated Cancer Centers. Shortly after the launch, GCPM will expand to include activities from CGH partners, such as ASCO and UICC. Additional institutions and community-based organizations will be invited to contribute as well, so that the goal of making GCPM a truly global platform for partnerships is realized.

CGH and GO are excited for the launch of Global Cancer Project Map. This highly-anticipated resource will promote knowledge sharing among researchers, in an effort to further cancer research and cancer control collaboration worldwide. 

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