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CGH Supports World Cancer Day Every Day

, by Catherine Hidalgo

CGH staff show how they can make a difference.

We celebrate World Cancer Day every year on February 4th. This year the theme “We can. I can.” invites us to think not only about how we can work with one another to reduce the global burden of cancer, but how we as individuals can make a difference. Every day the staff at CGH work to establish and build upon programs that are aimed at improving the lives of people affected by cancer.

CGH works in tandem with partners from around the globe to advance cancer research, strengthen cancer control efforts, and build capacity through training. It is the staff, however, who has dedicated long hours and extraordinarily hard work that has brought about CGH’s success in these programs. Today we celebrate World Cancer Day with a handful of commemorative Events, but it is important that we keep the up the momentum and recognize that We Can make World Cancer Day every day.


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