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Bilateral Co-Funding Programs

Dr. Satish Gopal points at an x-ray as two Malawian doctors look on
Credit: Dr. Satish Gopal


The Center for Global Health (CGH) coordinates international research collaborations through a variety of Bilateral Co-Funding Programs, which are funding partnerships to support joint research projects for mutually beneficial priorities.


Bilateral Co-Funding Programs create opportunities for investigators to pursue cancer research that they otherwise could not have pursued. By incentivizing cooperation, we share knowledge and improve the pace of discovery. CGH does this by: 

  • facilitating mutual access to patient populations, reagents, or technologies between two or more countries 
  • allowing NCI to target funding to study regional cancer types found at significantly higher rates in certain parts of the world 
  • strengthening the scientific peer review capabilities of our funding partners 
  • creating unique mentorship opportunities for investigators from different countries 
  • establishing and strengthening long-term research partnerships between NIH and the scientific agencies of other nations 

How to Connect

Investigators can participate by applying to specific bilateral cancer research funding opportunities.

For information, contact Paul Pearlman, Ph.D. (, Program Director, Lead for Global Health Technology at CGH. 


NCI and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) work directly with the biomedical research funding agencies of other countries to allocate funds for collaborative science. Each funding agency supports the grantees from their own nation. Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) are typically guided by a scientific program committee led by experts across NCI, NIH, and representative from partnering funding agencies.

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