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CGH Short Term Scientist Exchange Program (STSEP)

The Short-Term Scientist Exchange Program (STSEP) at the Center for Global Health (CGH), National Cancer Institute (NCI), promotes collaborative research between researchers at the NCI and foreign cancer researchers. The program's objective is to facilitate scientific interactions between non-United States (U.S.) scientists with researchers at NCI. Highly-qualified cancer scientists, researchers, and experts will be provided the opportunity to work alongside scientists at a host NCI intramural laboratory, division, office, or center.  These collaborative research exchange visits may range from one week to no more than six months in duration. Participants will be expected to share their newly gained skills and knowledge with colleagues for building research capacity in their respective countries and regions. To this end, the program sponsors expect that participants will resume their position(s) with their home institutions at the close of their exchange.

The STSEP program will offer support to defray living expenses for participants to complete their exchange in the U.S. CGH and the STSEP host will not provide health insurance nor salary/work stipends. Applicants are strongly encouraged to seek support from their home or host institutions to assist in minimizing any financial burden for participation in the program. The funding costs will be split between the CGH and either the home or host institution. NCI awarded funds will be administered by our partner, CRDF Global.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must have a Ph.D., M.D., or a certified equivalent degree, a minimum of one-year postdoctoral experience in cancer research, and an invitation to participate in STSEP from a qualified host institution. Exchanges are limited to terms of six months or less and may not be renewed or extended.

Application Procedure

The applicant must submit the following:

  1. A letter from applicant providing a detailed description of the collaborative research project, tentative dates for the visit, and a description of the value added by the exchange.
  2. A copy of current curriculum vitae.
  3. A letter of support from the applicant’s home institution stating the applicant’s participation in STSEP and the conditions of employment for the applicant after the STSEP period. This letter can also state the nature of any travel and living costs that will be provided by the home institution to help applicant defray costs of participation in STSEP and living in the U.S. during the course of STSEP.
  4. Three letters of reference.
  5. A letter of invitation from the prospective host NCI intramural laboratory, division, office, or center that includes a description of the collaborative research work to be undertaken, objectives to be accomplished, tentative dates for the visit, and a description of the value added by the exchange.
  6. Copies of degrees in original language and copies of English translations of those degrees.

Applicants who have been accepted into the program will receive a letter with which to apply for a visa at the American Embassy or Consulate in their home country. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to procure their U.S. visa. Applicants will be responsible for any costs associated with visa procurement. Change of sponsor will, in general, not be permitted once an award has been made.

Applications are accepted throughout the year, with application deadlines of March 1, July 1, and October 1. Complete applications are reviewed, and candidates are notified of the funding decision within two months of these deadlines. Once an exchange has been approved and an agreement has been reached between the candidate, the home and host institutions, and CGH, any changes of date or other conditions must be approved by all parties including CGH. Change of sponsor will, in general, not be permitted once an award has been made.

Identifying a Sponsor for STSEP

The STSEP requires that the applicant identify and obtain an invitation from a host within a NCI Division, Office, or Center. For more information on research at NCI, see The NCI Intramural Research Program


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