Head and Neck International Group (HNIG)

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CGH Program/Initiative Type: Cancer Research and Research Networks Support

The Head and Neck International Group was established in 2014 with the mission to promote and conduct high quality head and neck cancer clinical trials worldwide to improve outcomes in patients diagnosed with these diseases. This is achieved through international collaboration, a strong sense of common purpose, shared expertise, and mutual respect among members.

The primary goals of the HNIG are to:

  • Promote international cooperation
  • Promote clinical research
  • Perform studies in rare tumors
  • Harmonize the technical aspects of radiation delivery
  • Develop a credentialing process for novel radiation or surgical approaches
  • Promote translational research
  • Stimulate evidence-based medicine
  • Support educational activities

The HNIG group was organized with the assistance from the NCI Head and Neck Steering Committee, along with US and international advisors.  Members of the HNIG include representation from many study and cooperative groups with expertise in head and neck cancers and the development of successful international clinical trials, including: DAHANCA; ECOG; EORTC; Fudan University; GORTEC; Hellenic Neck Group; HKNPCSG; JCOG; NCIC; NCRI; NRG; Singapore Head and Neck Group; TCOG; and TROG.

For more information on this initiative, please contact the Center for Global Health at NCICenterforGlobalHe@mail.nih.gov.