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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Programs

The Center for Global Health supports a range of programs aimed at expanding and improving access to diagnostic pathology and laboratory medicine around the world. CGH serves as both a coordinator and a facilitator, bringing together leading experts in the field to promote sustainable, high-quality pathology and biobanking practices to the region. By building a network of pathologists, researchers, and clinicians; supporting international collaboration; and building upon existing investments and infrastructure, CGH is advancing cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment both at home and abroad.

To date, CGH has engaged in the following activities in an effort to increase awareness about the need for sustainable and accessible pathology services globally.

CGH Engagement for Improved Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Date Activity
December, 2014 Quality Pathology Diagnosis presentation at UICC: John Flanigan and Andrew Field
March, 2015 Published Quality pathology and laboratory diagnostic services are key to improving global health outcomes: improving global health outcomes is not possible without accurate disease diagnosis Am J Clin Pathol. 2015 Mar;143(3):325-8
May, 2015 Hosted Global Action: Pathology Meeting to address how to combine complimentary efforts to include the allocation and agreement of responsibilities to improve Pathology and technology
September, 2015 Supported the University of Colorado Cancer Center through a CGH administrative supplement, PAR 15-155: Improving Anatomic Pathology Services in Sub-Saharan Africa to Support Cancer Care
October, 2015 Participated in the American Society for Clinical Pathology/White House Office of Science and Technology Policy telepathology initiative to improve access to cancer diagnostics, care, and treatment
Partnered with the World Bank to support the East Africa Public Health Laboratory Networking Project
September, 2016 Participated on the Partners for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment in Africa panel at the annual American Society of Clinical Pathology Meeting
November, 2016 Led the Pathology Session at the biannual World Cancer Congress
January, 2017 Published An Essential Pathology Package for Low- and Middle-Income Countries Am J Clin Pathol. 2017 Jan 1;147(1):15-32
February, 2017 Conducted a survey of pathology workforce and capacity in LMICs to inform upcoming Lancet publication. Received 403 responses from 41 countries
April, 2017 Led the inaugural meeting of the Global Alliance for an Accurate Diagnosis
Participated in the Global Surgical Ecosystems: Strengthening Healthcare Worldwide Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) Annual Meeting satellite event
Presented The Right Diagnosis: Pathology is Essential at the CUGH Annual Meeting poster session
May, 2017 Served as subject matter experts to the WHO list of Priority medical devices for Noncommunicable Diseases
March, 2018 Co-authored The Lancet Series on Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries
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