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Supporting Cancer Research Through Priority initiatives at NCI

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CRS leads priority initiatives to support cancer research across the nation to advance scientific knowledge and help people live longer, healthier lives. Several of the initiatives that CRS supports are described below.

Resources for the Cancer Research Community

NCI maintains a centralized web portal that features NCI-supported research assets for researchers. This portal was designed to provide the cancer research community easy access to NCI-supported research tools, reagents, software, animal models, and other resources to conduct research. In collaboration with NCI’s communications office, CRS is leading a redesign of the web portal that will comprise a comprehensive catalogue of available NCI resources.

Idea Generation Initiative

CRS convenes a series of discussions with NCI staff that allow NCI leadership to hear staff ideas about NCI, including its mission, research programs and activities, and operations. Staff are encouraged to share their best ideas about the work NCI is doing, opportunities for NCI to increase its impacts, and how NCI can anticipate future needs.

Collaboration and Team Science

Collaboration, coordination, and team-building are core values of CRS, and these principles are fundamental to the ability of the center to harness the strengths of the many NCI Divisions, Offices, and Centers to work synergistically on NCI-wide priority and cross-cutting initiatives. Learn more about the Collaboration and Team Science: A Field Guide, which provides scientific teams insight into the practices of conducting collaborative work. 

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