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Collaboration and Team Science: A Field Guide

Collaboration and Team Science: A Field Guide was first published in 2010. Institutional leaders have used it to help guide change at an organizational level, shifti­­­ng research culture from a primary investigator-initiated focus to one that embraces collaborative and cross-cutting efforts across disciplinary dedicated departments.

Download the Second Edition of the Field Guide (Updated in May 2018)

For nearly a decade, the Field Guide has served as a valuable resource for:

  • Scientists participating in or leading a research team
  • Researchers becoming involved in or building a research team
  • Graduate courses and programs designed to focus on or integrate team science and interdisciplinary research into their learning and using it as a base text
  • Faculty development offices who have provided it to faculty to enhance their understanding of working collaboratively and for their professional growth

The original research foundation for the Field Guide was conducted with research teams at the NIH, and includes topics such as creating a shared vision, building and sustaining trust, team evolution, handling conflict, and leadership.

Since its publication, the authors have had opportunities to travel nationally and internationally to conduct workshops and give lectures, as well as work with and learn from individuals, teams, and organizations. The learning from these experiences is reflected in this second edition of Collaboration and Team Science: A Field Guide.

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