Intramural Investigators Submitting Data

These steps are general requirements. Because of operational differences between the different NCI intramural research programs, different processes may exist in your division or center. Please contact your designated GPA for more information. 

For details on data sharing expectations, expectations for data submission formats, data sharing plans (DSPs), and Institutional Certification, see Data Submission.

1. Scientific Review
Develop a DSP to include with the project proposal, per the review process of your division or center.

2. Institutional Review Board (IRB) (if applicable)
For studies generating genomic data from human subjects:

  • Submit research protocol to relevant IRB
  • IRB reviews the Institutional Certification template to ensure:
    • proper data collection protocol
    • data submission is consistent with informed consent of study participants
    • the investigator's plan for de-identifying datasets is consistent with the standards outlined in the policy
  • Prior to data generation, complete Institutional Certification and have it signed by your scientific director (or designee)

For studies generating or receiving genomic data from de-identified human specimens:

  • Submit a request for OHSRP determination
  • Prior to data generation, complete Institutional Certification and have it signed by your scientific director (or designee)

3. Data Generation Completed
Inform your designated GPA of data generation completion and send him/her your completed Institutional Certification (if you haven’t done so already) and your Basic Study Information. Your GPA will register your study in the dbGaP submission system.

4. QA/QC Data Submission
Once registered, you should perform a quality assurance check of your study to verify the accuracy of the study submission information. Once verified, data should be submitted immediately and you should inform your designated GPA.

5. Upload Data
The dbGaP system will send an automated email with instructions for submitting your files to the repository using the submission portal. Assignment of an accession number generally takes a few days once the required fields have been received by dbGaP staff.

  • The PI/Grantee must contact the Genomic Data Commons (GDC) Helpdesk for instructions on submitting data to the GDC.
  • The PI/Grantee will follow dbGaP/SRA/SDDP instructions if the data is going to dbGaP and/or the SDDP

6. dbGaP Study Release
Data will be released six months after initiation of submission process or at the time of first publication (whichever comes first).

  • Updated: January 17, 2017

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