Lifelines™ Other Cancer Topics

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This page contains articles on other cancer topics. We encourage downloading and reprinting the articles and reposting of the videos. 

Affordable Care Act

Many Latinos and African Americans will want to know how the Affordable Care Act will affect cancer care. The Affordable Care Act will help make health insurance coverage available for many people who otherwise would be uninsured, either because they couldn't afford to buy health insurance or because they were refused coverage on the basis of a pre-existing condition, such as cancer.

African Americans (PDF - 87KB)

Hispanics/Latinos (PDF - 146KB)

Children and Cancer

This article gives important facts and information about childhood cancer. 

African Americans (PDF - 335KB)

Hispanics/Latinos (PDF - 413KB)

Online Cancer Information

The internet is increasingly used as a source for all types of information, including cancer information. 

African Americans (PDF - 353KB)

Hispanics/Latinos (PDF - 357KB)

Cancer Among Minorities with HIV/AIDS

This article explains that while the cancer types that have been typically associated with AIDS progression are on the decline in the HIV/AIDS population, other types of cancer are now on the rise.

African Americans (PDF - 89KB)

Hispanics/Latinos  (PDF - 79KB)

Beauty Products and Cancer Risk: Know the Facts

With all the sensational news coverage on suspected cancer-causing products, it sometimes may be hard to know which products are safe or hazardous. This article offers a summary of the current research.

African Americans (PDF - 89KB)

Hispanics/Latinos (PDF - 79KB)

Cancer Fact or Fiction: Separating Myths from Good Information

This article explains why accurate cancer information is important and dispels common cancer myths.

African Americans (PDF - 87KB)

Hispanics/Latinos   (PDF - 98KB)