Cancer Education Webinars for Multicultural Media

View our webinars and hear from researchers working for or affiliated with NCI about how different types of cancer affect multicultural populations. Learn about the research that NCI supports to reduce the burden caused by cancer in these populations.

The webinars are approximately one hour and provide the latest information about cancer in the African American, Hispanic, Asian American, and American Indian/Alaska Native communities.

The Importance of Clinical Research for Minority and Underserved Communities

Three NCI researchers and grantees discuss how minority participation in clinical research can benefit ethnic and underserved populations. African American, Asian American, and Hispanic populations are featured.

The Burden of Hepatitis B and Cancer Confronting Asian Americans

Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer among Asian Americans.

Cancer, Diabetes, and Oral Health Disparities in American Indian/Alaska Native Communities

NIH-sponsored researchers Drs. Dedra Buchwald, Rob Nelson, and Terry Batliner explain the burden of several diseases (cancer, diabetes, and oral disease) among American Indians and Alaska Natives in this Nov 8, 2012, webinar.